Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psychiatric medications?

What do you think?

DaveMSWRT: @staroversky: You are not a victim of your genes. Behavior can change brain structure, resulting in changes that overwrite genetic code.


Ellen said...

Hi Susan,
I agree with quite a bit of what he says. I think it's a little black and white though, the way he presents it. Yes, psych drugs seem to only help the symptoms of illness, but sometimes symptom relief is urgently necessary. On the other hand, the way I was prescribed them was, you have an illness, the meds are the solution, now go away - that was so unhelpful to me. And of course, the drug companies are out to make the largest profits possible, and there doesn't seem to be anyone much trying to stand up for patients against their power.

Complicated. Cheers, Ellen

Unknown said...

Me too, Ellen. I also found it to be very unhelpful to think that taking a pill would "fix" me. Lets keep hoping that the message gets out there that we CAN heal and learn to live in spite of past traumas. Medications can be a great tool but I agree - it is not the solution