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No Longer a victim, more than a survivor

creating and living my best life each day!

I'm glad you are here! 

This blog is much like my life; ever changing and evolving but always on the path that will take me to the life I want, the life I choose each day. A constant moving stream that bends and curves within the banks of everyday life experiences.

Posting Schedule: typically I post one or two posts each week...sometimes more but not often less. (You are invited to subscribe to email or RSS feeds to be notified of new content.)

This blog and these resources are meant to be fuel that might encourage you to think, ask questions, find your own answers and hopefully support you as you walk your path and create your own best life which is in the simplest terms - the life you choose for yourself each day!

The purpose of this blog then is to share the journey - the steps, the process, the path I have taken to identify a starting point of where I was in my journey, where I wanted to be, and the information, actions, insight and understanding that have moved me from dependance on external sources (other people places and things) for my solutions to that internal insight and awareness that offers those wonderful, life-changing "aha!" moments that are the beginning of lasting change.

Much of what I write here is part of the process that I have experienced as I walk this path.

None of what you read here is meant to an "instant" or quick fix to the often painful emotional and cognitive distress that comes with difficult or traumatic life experiences - but rather to be a catalyst that might cause you to claim your own personal power and discover your own solutions...

To allow you to become your own best resource and empower you to discover, create and live your own best life!

Note: While I found "treatment" and "therapy" to be harmful and traumatizing - I am not against anyone seeking "help" from "therapists and other "helpers" although….if you've been down that road for more than a couple of years and still struggling it might be worthwhile to take a look at that especially if you feel that you cannot do this alone or panic if you are unable to see your therapist or doctor as that indicates an unhealthy dependence on "providers". 

This is not "easy" work but it sure is not the rocket science I was led to believe and truth is...none of the "helpers" knew how to help me and my "therapy" became all about managing coping and surviving not healing and growing. 

This really is about learning the skills to make peace with the past so I could stop giving my todays to those who took my yesterdays and I could learn to become the creator of my tomorrows. 

This is my journey; the path I walk each day as I have found my way out of that dark place to the life I choose and create for myself today as I learned how to make the shift from that place of "illness" or chronic emotional distress to a place of chronic well-being; from living in avoidance of the pain of the past to learning how to create and live the life I want for myself each and every day!

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"The greatest goodness you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but reveal to him his own." ~Disraeli

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