My Disclaimer

"The long road home begins with taking that first step"
Photo by Susan 2010

It is possible to conquer the past and create the future
the first step is choosing to take the journey. ~Michele Rosenthal

This is my personal blog and I respect your right to walk whichever path that you choose. 

This blog is about sharing my own personal journey through the darkness to find that amazing light at the end of the tunnel...and how I did it.

My hope is that you will be inspired to begin to ask your own questions, find your own power and thus your own solutions to live far beyond "survival" and begin to dream of and create your own best life...the life that you choose for yourself each day.

When I was looking to be "fixed" I was  "fed for a day" in daily "meds" and weekly "talk therapy"....I was dependent on people, places and things outside of myself for my answers, my peace and my happiness. I believed that I needed someone to provide me with my answers. 

When I taught myself how to "fish for a lifetime"...I became my own best resource and discovered the meaning behind that catch phrase "self empowered". This is where I decided to begin to view myself as being my best resource and that I was fully capable of finding my way and that I held my answers within myself. 

Knowledge is the beginning of the truth that empowered me to find this freedom.

"Wisdom" was having the confidence to to take the next step with the knowledge I had gained.

As my friend Gianna Kali says...I accept no label other than "human".

So today - I accept no label other than human...

And do my damnedest to share the light that I found.


And so - I understand that not everyone will have the same opinions as this blog presents so I have been advised to make it very clear that I am not a physician nor a therapist. This is my personal blog, my opinions, my experiences.

It is assumed that anyone who reads this blog is doing so of their own free will and is capable of making their own decisions about their health care.

Repeat - I am not a physician and do not, can not and will not advise you to take any actions, including that of discontinuing the use of any drug, including psychotropic drugs. To do so abruptly can be life threatening; it is vital that one becomes informed and understands both the process and consequences of such a decision.

Now - with that stuff out of the way...

I'm glad you're here...may you find something that will cause the light to shine for you.