About Susan

I am a trauma survivor...but I no longer live only to survive.

I am a survivor of long term child abuse and neglect and once entering the mental health system in 1992 following a violent marriage, my lifelong history of trauma was dismissed and for over 15 years I was given a variety of "diagnosis", "medications" and a routine of weekly "talk" therapy. 

My life experiences were denied as having any impact and buried as unimportant until the fall of 2007 when I was forced into withdrawals from the numerous psychotropic drugs I'd been told I would need to take "for life" by yet another psychiatrist. 

Over the next many months years I experienced severe withdrawals as my body and brain healed from being chemically altered for over 15 years. During this time I connected with a therapist trained in a model of trauma therapy who validated my longtime belief that I could learn to create the life I wanted for myself...in spite of the past I'd had. 

Today, I live free of all drugs, diagnosis and realize that the emotional and cognitive distress and deterioration of my physical health that I experienced from 1992 until 2007 was induced by both the denial of my life experiences as having any impact on my well being and the drugs that I was prescribed that dulled my mind, flattened my emotions and my intellegence and chemically altered and affected my physical body. 

I no longer accept any labels for myself and live the life of my choosing, following my dream and passion to share a message of empowerment, healing and hope as I write and speak about this journey that has been my life.

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For information and resources on learning to safely withdraw from psychotropic drugs go here. 

Disclaimer: I am not offering medical advice regarding the use of psychotropic drugs and advise anyone considering withdrawing or reducing to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER just stop taking these chemicals. To do so can be life threatening. For resources to learn more about how to reduce or withdraw from psychotropic drugs start here.