Monday, February 28, 2011

To Let Life Unfold....Naturally

Today I can let go and let life unfold...naturally

Doing this means that I no longer have the need to carry the burden of fixing another's pain or problem or orchestrating life events that are not within my control to begin with.

It also means that when I let go I have the opportunity to allow my own mind, emotions and body finally begin to heal as my energy is now focussed on managing the one thing I can truly affect and change; me.

To allow life to be "natural" is to allow it to grow and unfold as it does, without undue influence. Much like a the National Parks....that are preserved, free of the influence, control and construction of mankind.

To "let go" and "let life unfold naturally" is to recognize that my need and efforts at controlling the people, places and things in my life is artificially influencing situations, circumstances and relationships that exist outside of the realm of of what I truly have the ability to control within myself.

And while that may "feel" better at the moment; often the end result is more drama and chaos as others resist my efforts to influence their thoughts, feelings and choices.

Today, I can recognize this behavior as that false sense of power that came with my efforts to claim power when I was truly powerless in the face of a situation or circumstance that was outside of my control - that place where I felt and truly was powerless by the actions of those who were meant to protect and nurture me as a child or in the face of an overwhelming life event that took control out of my hands for a time.

So today - I can let life unfold naturally and that includes acknowledging that perhaps I was once powerless but today I can claim my power - by allowing others to have their own.

Q: How can you take back your true power today by letting life unfold naturally?

Originally posted May 4, 2010

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oneperson said...


I read this entry earlier....and find myself back it remind me...and now a gentle smile soothes my cheeks.

I really like the phrase you've(?) coined: "let go and let life." I know I left off the "unfold naturally." Hope you don't mind my adaptation.;-)

Thanks Susan!
~carol (@1person)

Patricia Singleton said...

Susan, beautifully said. Saturday I had a conversation with a friend about another friend. I didn't try to fix the situation or defend or get drawn into the drama that wasn't mine to fix. I heard what my friend said and acknowledged that that is her viewpoint. It is not mine. Not wanting to control or fix either friend may seem small but for me it was once a really big thing---the controlling in order to feel safe. Today I am safe without controlling everything.