Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I can and I will!

For those of you who are new to A Journey .... the focus on this blog is to share the journey about how I once was a victim and the path I've take where I have learned how to no longer be that perpetual victim by learning to see myself as much more than a survivor and as the creator of the "best life" that I wanted for myself. 

Like a lot of people who seek help for their well being, life issues and relationship struggles....

I felt powerless to do anything about the miserable lot in life I'd been handed. 

I was stuck in my victim-ness.

I wallowed in it.

I reminded anyone

and everyone

who would listen

just how much of a victim of life I was with all of my complaining and commiserating about the struggle life was for me.

To become the creator of my best life I had to be willing to learn how to no longer be a victim of life. 

And along the way I've discovered many others who feel the same or similar.

"Life sucks."

But they don't know how to crawl out of that hole.

So today - a few steps you can take to take back your power and engage with becoming the creator of your own "best life"....where I began to learn how to live beyond that perpetual place of pain and misery....

Note: "perpetual"meaning that I was perpetuaing this helplessness and hopelessness by the way I had learned to engage with and view my life and my world....I was unwittingly "creating" the life I was experiencing...)

  1. Step one and an empowering solution was to learn to differentiate between those two places of "being"a Victim of life and be-coming the Creator of my best life.

Today ask yourself "why am I unhappy?" and then ask "what can I do about it?"

The answer to those questions always directed me to my next step because as a child victim I WAS powerless.   But as an adult creator I am NO LONGER powerless.

That "knowing" - that I am no longer powerless and no longer have to be a victim - allowed me to move to the next step which is action.

     2. If I, as an adult creator, don't know what to "do" my task then is to learn "how" in order that I have the knowledge to "what" to do. 

That - is what Empowering Solutions is about.

The daily notes and tiny bites and bits of knowledge that became the power behind the truth that set me free...

That I WAS a victim

I am and NO LONGER have to be a victim

and I can LEARN how to create my own unlimited life.

It takes time and it begins with being willing to let go of the idea that "I can't" with the first lesson being learning to make that mind shift to "I can and I will....just watch me!"

Love seeing your light:)


PS...Join Amy Eden and myself this Sunday morning for Sunday Solutions - we'll be chatting about how we learned to recognize why we were the ones with "kick me" taped to our backside. Learning to no longer be that perpetual victim....on Blog Talk Radio - get the archived version or listen live September 23rd by clicking here.

I'm glad you are here...thanks for reading - please considering sharing:) 


Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

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