Monday, December 24, 2012

More about "story"....

About "sharing our story" to heal emotionally and psychologically ....

First - realize that not everyone can do this; those who cannot sit with their own pain will not be able to sit with ours.

A second thing to understand is that it is up to us to "work through" our past pain; this is not something that another can do "for" us or even "with" us. 

And finally - know that by telling our story over and over to everyone and anyone who will listen is often not helpful. Our pain is ours to "work through"; it not fair to others to make our relationships about only our pain. 

Then seek out a friend who will not get in your pity party with you by focusing on who did what and what a jerk he/she was to have hurt/violated/wounded you. 

Rather, seek a friend who will allow you to tell your story until you are done telling your story.

...someone who can empathize and express how the telling of this story affects them...someone who can verbalize and validate your feelings rather than focusing on the "asshole" who did this to you. 

Not "fixing", not dismissing, not enabling the story to go and on without resolution. 

But someone who can be that soft place to fall when you need someone to "support" you emotionally and then celebrate your freedom with you. :)

You have so got this; I know its can do it:) 


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LadyJtalks said...

I've listened to so many stories over many, many years, the only thing that ever changes is the names and the faces. I have said it many times these last few years as I've rested for myself, will it ever really end. I'm so glad there are so many out here still sharing, caring and daring to make the difference. Trying to get back into reading more this year.

Susan said...

Nice to see you LadyJ!