Monday, December 19, 2011

This Is Where Well-Being Begins

November 24 2011
Creating a State of Well Being
Its only a  thought and a thought can be changed. ~ Louise Hay

When I first heard things like this I thought "How ridiculous". Healing from trauma is NOT that simple."


Its not....

But it is.

Its not about spending the rest of my life thinking I can't have the life I want because of the past I had.

Its not about avoiding the past...

Forgetting it....

Or dwelling on it.

Learning that we have power over our state of wellness is where well-being begins.

Did you get that?

Learning that we have power over our state of wellness...

Is where well-being


Its about learning how to make the past make sense in our today and that begins with learning to recognize when my today was about my past.

eh, you say?


The journey is not about resolving every incident of my past but about learning to resolve it as it comes up in my today.

Whether my past shows up in flashbacks, ruminations, resentments...

about the past - or the future that will never be BECAUSE of my past...

The change comes not from hanging my hat on that hook...

But in seeing that this is a hook...

And that following it today is giving my now to my past and my future to yesterday.

Learning that I could choose which thoughts to follow...

or not

was key to learning to live beyond the pain...

to learning that I could live free of it

every day.

The past happened.

Rumination is about wishing the past was different. 

Its reliving the pain over

and over

and over.

Resentments are about living the emotion of those experiences


and over

and over.

Learning to live beyond that meant learning to live today

instead of chronically wishing for a different tomorrow

based on a past that I can't change.

Learning to let go of that?

Meant finally learning to resolve it for myself by going through the pain of what happened to me

the anger

the sadness

the grief

the tears

the wishing and wanting and whining about what someone else did to cause me to be the mess I was today...

To that place where I accept that I cannot change the past

But I no longer have to sacrifice my today

or my tomorrow

to it.

Learning to choose the thoughts I would follow - or to choose to not follow - began with learning that I could choose.

Learning to choose the thoughts I would follow....

or to choose to NOT follow....

began with learning that I could choose. 

Heres a link to a site (that I have no affiliation with) where you can learn a simple exercise to put your mind on notice that you are taking over.  Practice: 100 Breaths Meditation


is the 

"hard work".

The "work" that no one can do for us. 

So - grab your leg warmers and your yoga pants....

Its time to work out:)

You really do have all you need to do your dreams!

No longer a victim, much more than a survivor and living wayyyyyy beyond "survival"!

Yup! Thats how I see you!

Now go do your magnificence and then let me know how your doing it in the comments below:)

Always right there with you! 


Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


Interruption said...

Today I started volunteering with Child Advocates. Last Tuesday I told my husband our relationship was destroying both of us and it was time to re-evaluate the direction we were moving. My life is changing so fast I can hardly believe it. I feel alive and free for the first time in my 57 years of life!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

Interruption....good to hear you are finding your own power to choose and create your own "best life":) Thank you for sharing your journey!