Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Discovering me - self image is everything

Self image. The basis for how we "see" ourselves can be dramatically affected by the things that have happened to us in the past. The key is to "see" ourselves as capable of overcoming the sometimes tough things that life seems to have given us.

At times it seems that to wail "how could this have happened?" and focus on the events of the past is the solution; and it is if we want to remain a "victim" - but this is not always the most empowering solution. While there is a time and place for going through the grief process, if we find ourselves "stuck" there we can escape the images and events that might be replaying like a tape in our minds.

While we can't go back and change the past, we can control how we react or respond to it today. I can view myself as in control of my life, I can move forward today and let go of that "tape"; I can decide to not rewind it and play it over and over. I can live in my head, replaying the events of the past or I can live in today and make the most of it.

While this is not a "cure all" for overcoming the sometimes painful events of life - it is one more tool that I can use to make that all empowering choice to live in the moment, to re create that person I choose to be now and today. To help me create the picture of who I want to be and the life I want to live today.

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