Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Natural Elixir of Emotional Healing


Too often trauma survivors, regardless of the source of trauma, are expected to somehow magically be "ok", as if there were a clock, ticking and saying "hurry up; aren't you done yet?"

And if they aren't, they are somehow "disordered"; their very normal response to trauma is seen as something being "wrong" with them. The natural emotional healing process is too often seen as a character defect, we are conditioned to simply see ourselves through the lens of "illness" and in need of someone or something that will somehow make our pain go away. 

In reality, we are often experiencing a very justified anger at the loss of control and the physical, emotional and mental injury of the trauma experience and grieving the losses around it.

It is in the validation of our experiences and the emotional and mental fallout from these experiences that we begin to heal. Compassion, a kind ear, a hug often do more than any elixir that could be prescribed. 

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LivingwPTSD said...

Thanks for posting this, today has presented to be very difficult for me, and your post has helped me snap back at least a little. I'm still very new into this process and have hard time distinguishing between validation and sarcasm.... I'm sure you can understand where that has come from. Anyway, Thank you for this it is greatly appreciated.

Susan said...

Hi L.PTSD; I'm really glad that you dropped by!

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a difficult day. Thank you for letting me know you found this post supportive to your journey today. Hang in there....:) It gets better. Honest:)

I"m glad to meet you!