Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding purpose in my passion

We all have a gift
That is ours to share
To ease the journey
From here to there....

When I stopped seeking my purpose in the things I did and do...

I found my purpose was to share the journey with you.

May today you see your gift in the journey....

Is the journey.

Oftentimes I would find myself wondering what it was that I was supposed to do with my life. 

And a fellow traveler shared with me that by following my own path....

I would find my purpose.

That my life would define itself as I learned to define my "self". 

That my "doing" would emerge from my "being".

That my purpose would be found as I found healing from my pain.

Follow your passion to find your purpose.

It will look different that my path.

It will be your own.

It will become almost magical...

As "coincidences" happen....

As circumstances just seem to "fall into place".

It will be the thing we dreamed of....

But it may not "look" like what we'd imagined.

So listen...

To your passion...

Because this....

Is often your purpose. 

Then - let go of trying to shape it...

And simply let it happen. 

When its "hard"?

Simply step back and see what "feels" right. 

Which path holds the light?

Learning to let go of the often the beginning of finding the thing we can hold onto for our future.

Always believing in you:)


The journey is always a journey that changes and grows over time we never "arrive" but we are always present, growing, changing and evolving:) 

Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


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Man 2.0 said...

Definitely checking out Project 360, and Im in tune with what youre doing over here! I hope you are as successful as you deserve to be, and thanks for helping me release my victim mentality!