Monday, February 13, 2012

I Don't Wanna Grow Up (and I'm Not a Toys R Us Kid:))

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Along the way in this journey I've learned to look for life lessons in the things that I used to call "problems".

The relationships that weren't working.

The drama that went with those relationships that weren't working.

The me that wasn't working. :)

The life that just in general


many many days.

And along the way some of those life lessons have been sort of difficult as I navigated the waters from seeing myself as a perpetual victim to survivor and finally the path where I decided surviving

was no longer


One of those lessons?

The one where I realized that as an adult....

my life

was my responsibility.

And that if I didn't like it?


It was my responsibility to do something about it.

It was up to me to make it be...

(ha! poet and didn't know it!)


See - the "grown up" me says...

you can't be silly like that.

The kid in me starts shaking in my boots.

The trick?

Was to find balance...

That place where I knew beyond knowing that I was ok 

just as I am


that it was perfectly ok

to get silly wit it

once in awhile:) 

and even drop by Toys R Us, go sledding, skating...

walk in the grass

stare at the moon

and just be




Forever me, forever you - always perfect:)

Rock it this week, K?


Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


Project Tara said...

I remember having this epiphany as well. Such a good thing! And each year I buy myself new sidewalk chalk and coloring books, head held high.

Susan said...

Awesomeness Tara!

I LOVE sidewalk chalk!

Interruption said...

I love the picture. It is how I feel about what I am going through. Love the post resonates loudly!! Than you for sharing!

Susan said... good to hear that this post held some meaning for you!

Me too...the picture just seemed to say it all!

Pam said...

Hi Susan,

I think one of the most important things my grandchildren have taught me is the importance of being silly. Life is just too heavy and seious a lot of the time. Laughter restores the resiliance we have as children.


Susan said...

Agreed Pam! Laughter, tears...even expressing anger...are all the natural healing process where we find our strength from within ... Children are our best teachers:)