Monday, February 27, 2012

Its the Magic....

We all have something we are good at.

Something that no one else can do.

And when we do it...

Its so easy we feel guilty as though we are playing hookey and just waiting to get caught:)


Is your magic.

Yet for many who hail from backgrounds where we were not taught to see ourselves as 


We can struggle with owning our magic. 

So today....this week....


In you.

And your magic. 

Let it bubble up to the top and imagine it. 

It might be something that you've found yourself sort of 

falling into

time and time again in your life.

Or it may be something that you did

but don't do today.

You have that one thing in you.

What is it? 

Don't think.

Just feel it.

You may not remember what that one thing is but its there.

This week.....try being open to it.

And see if it doesn't come knocking...

You got it goin' on:) 

Fairy dust, sparkles and hope abounds where we dance with the wind....

Magic, I tell you....Its pure magic when we learn to live in that place where even the angels go...

"Wow! They do it so effortlessly!" 



Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


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Project Tara said...

I have been thinking of this very thing lately. Thanks for the timely words!

Susan said...

Hello Tara!

isn't it wonderful how the "magic" (coincidences?) happen like that!

LadyJtalks said...

Still looking for that magic...good words

Susan said...

LadyJ...its often right there I've found. Its the thing that is easy but I often make it very hard:)

I'm glad you are still looking; I'm sure its there:) Hang in and hang on...:)