Friday, April 9, 2010

No trauma but still struggling with depression...Carla Dippel's journey

We are adventurers on a quest for our treasure ~ Carla Dippel

Over at the Blog "Emerging From Broken" Carla Dippel has posted a really great article about how she became aware of the faulty belief system that had been modeled for her growing up.

Carla did not experience child abuse or trauma yet did struggle with chronic depression and anxiety issues. Carla does such a great job at describing the insidious way that unhealthy coping behaviors and beliefs are subtly passed from one generation to the next - so I'm not going to go into my take on this subject at this time, but here are a couple of excerpts and I hope you'll drop by Emerging From Broken to read the entire article and other related posts.

Here is are a couple of short excerpt from Carla's post:

"For so long I could not figure out why I struggled and struggled with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. I had no traumatic event to point to in my childhood to explain it...."

"...In seeing how the belief system was implanted in me in my earliest years, I become free of the lie that I was just born faulty, born with the tendency to be depressed, born with a weak mind or weak soul. This is the truth: I wasn’t born to be depressed or to struggle with low self-esteem. I learned it from somewhere and just didn’t know how to get rid of it until now..."

I hope you'll read this eye opening article and how she began to break the ties of an old belief system that wasn't working for her.


Darlene Ouimet said...

Hi Susan,
This is so cool that you have highlighted Carla, her post and our blog!
It is so wonderful how we can all connect this way, sharing our stories, our journeys and our victories!

Susan said...

Darlene - I have been thrilled to connect with you and Carla! I love the way you are able to present the truth about these tough issues AND stay with a positive hopeful message...

Looking forward to getting to know both you and Carla!

Thanks for stopping by!


Patricia Singleton said...

I also enjoyed Carla's article. It reminded me of a friend that I met years ago in ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meetings. I am an incest survivor and Adult Child of an alcoholic. My friend was an Adult Child of a minister. She didn't have any memories of her childhood and yet had some of the same issues that I did. She married 2 different alcoholics.

Susan said...

Patricia - thanks for dropping by and commenting on this post!

ACA - yes...I've become very aware of these issues and I agree that it's not just children of alcoholics necessarily who face these issues. There does seem to be some related outcomes regardless of the source of dysfunction in a family system I think.

Have you read "Adult Children of Abusive Parents"? I related to that one as well as the work on ACA.

I'm glad you stopped by and introduced yourself!

Carla said...
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Carla said...

Susan, thank you so much for this wonderful review and recommendation! I love the the title of your post- it hits the mark! I haven't had a chance to thank you until this morning. It's great to make this connection with you and I look forward to our paths continuing to cross in the future.


Susan said...

Thanks Carla! Your post is so important; I have met so many who cannot relate to what I have experienced and so can't see the connection between their depression to their environments and beliefs that keep them in that dark place.

Thank you for speaking up and I too am looking forward to readying more at your blog!