Monday, April 26, 2010

Thought for today...letting go of labels

For a very long time I lived my "labels"...they became who I was. When I thought of myself I thought of myself as the label given to identify the diagnosis and symptoms of my struggle. I found freedom when I started using diagnosis and symptoms as tools instead of taking them on as who I was and began to define myself as happy, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and brilliant....


Stacy said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog. I'm going to look for that book you suggested. I'm always looking for ways I can open my eyes a bit more, mature my perspective a bit. It does seem like it's all in the perspective doesn't it? Of course the behavior is important too.
I like your entry here. That's a new way of looking at labels. Maybe they're better seen as a guide showing us what kind of things to think about differently.

Susan said...

Your notes remind me a lot of me in the past...searching, hoping, trying to believe that there was a solution.

I was fortunate to have found an effective therapist after many years and this is what I try to share here...what I found that worked for me.

I'm glad you are finding some nuggets here that are useful in your own journey, Stacy!