Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Don't Need to Be "Fixed"…

Here's a lesson I've learned along the way through all the drama/trauma and dysfunction that has been my life…
There is nothing "wrong" with me. 
I am not broken even though I may have felt very broken. 
I do not need someone to "fix" me and I do not need "fixing".
I needed to LEARN about what I did not get that I needed and how to give that to myself. 
When I stopped trying to figure out "why" I felt so broken and understood that those charged with "raising me in the way I would go" could only give me what they had been given is when I was able to grieve the life I never got and needed, the life I did have that I didn't need and come to accept the life I had and - that I could still learn to create the life I wanted.
Many of us can and must find our way on our own because there are not adequate or qualified helpers to help us. This is why I do what I do and share my journey with you because this is what I expected to get when I asked for "help"; this is what I expected from "therapy" but never got. Finally, after 15 years, I met someone who had traveled this path before me and was able to share the basics of the "how" to do this journey before she moved on in her own. 
For those who feel they cannot do this on their own please consider taking a look at this post: How to tell an average therapist from a great therapist. 

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