Thursday, April 16, 2009

She dreamed a dream - Susan Boyle

On Britain's "You've got Talent" Susan Boyle knocked 'em dead! Watch the video on youtube.

Here is a knock down example of living in the moment for sure!

Susan Boyle boldly stood up to Simon and said "I want to be a professional singer". The audience laughed...then listened.

Susan Boyle has led a quiet, sheltered life in a small village in Britain. She has not dated, never been kissed and spent the last several years caring for her elderly mother who recently passed away. She reported on this mornings cbs news that she is accustomed to be ridiculed and teased even now as an adult and that folks are "nice to her" now. Her appearance is unkempt, her hair wiry and unruly. Susan is 48 years old and when asked how she managed to do this and sing the (difficult) song she chose she said " I thought about the song".

Under circumstances that would have left me shaking in my boots and wishing there was a bathroom nearby, Susan Boyle chose to focus on the song rather than focus on the pain of losing her mother, the voices of the naysayers who criticized her, or the fears of her future. Susan Doyle magnificently knew that to experience this very moment at hand that she needed to place her attention on her present moment.

Go to to watch the interview from this morning.


Michele Rosenthal said...

I think the most amazing thing any of us does is CHOOSE COURAGE -- that comes from living in the moment, finding a focus, thinking of our purpose and doing what needs to be done. When we act this way we create the colors in which we want to live our lives!

zebra's polkadots and plaids said...

I agree, Michele! There are tons of people who have made that decision like Susan Boyle did to dream, focus and act - to affect change and live that life of courage.