Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thought for today...fear only to stand still

Each day I receive quotes like this from this website Life Abundance. And it's not that getting inspirational quotes each day is going to change my life suddenly, but every once in awhile I find a nugget that gives me something to think about like this one...

"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still." - Chinese Proverb

At different times in this journey I have thought I wasn't "getting it" fast enough. I wanted to be "better" and I wanted to be better now. On days like this I found myself feeling "stuck", unable to move forward. I was "standing still".

I would find myself thinking about and dwelling on the things I had not yet accomplished in my life, the past and past hurts and resentments, the list of "to do's" that seemed to get longer day by day with my inaction.

If someone offered me a suggestion or possible solution to whatever it was that I was focussed on I was full of "yeah, BUTs" (yeabut is a language of its own :) )....It was just easier to focus on situations, circumstances and people than it was to face my own fears, feelings and anxieties in order to take control of my life.

Sometimes I would get lost in wanting a "quick fix" or for someone to "tell me what to do" or to "take care of me" instead of pulling on my own internal strength and resources and acknowledge that I could, that I do - have the power to change my circumstances.

So today I am going continue to celebrate that I am moving forward and am at the right place at the right time - for me. Today I will not fear moving forward however slowly and I will celebrate that I am simply moving forward.

Do you sometimes focus more on what you don't have or have not yet accomplished (standing still) vs. trusting that you are where you are supposed to be today and where you are going? (moving forward slowly)

Today - what can you celebrate about where you are right now?


Ellen said...

Susan, I can relate to getting stuck in past hurts and resentments, big time. Sometimes I would just like to unscrew my head and throw it out, so it would stop dwelling on the past :-)

Glad you are moving forward, fast, slow or in between!

Susan said...

aahhh Ellen! So glad to see you today! And wouldnt it be lovely if we could do that? Toss it out, I mean? *smile* hugs for you!