Friday, May 21, 2010

Facing The Mountain

It's in the climb that we learn where our strength comes from as we push ourselves, never giving up, always moving forward. Sometimes we stumble back a step or two; but in that climb, in every step, every stumble we learn to see what worked to move us forward and what got in the way that caused us to slip or step backward as we regained our balance to once again continue that climb. And once we reach the summit of each mountain that we face in life, we may feel dirty, dusty, exhausted, famished, thirsty we step to the edge to view the beauty and wonder that lies before us....we suddenly realize that we are poised and in the perfect position - to begin to soar. ~Susan


Suzanne said...

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!!!

Susan said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

Good to see you today! Glad you stopped by!


Darlene Ouimet said...

Hi Susan,
This is powerful, beautiful and true! So glad that I stopped by today to be inspired here!
Hugs, Darlene

Susan said...

Hi Darlene! I always love seeing you! I'm glad you dropped by before you head for Mexico!