Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She Didn't Call it Depression: Pema Chodron - The Doorway to Freedom

Pema Chodron didn't know what she was experiencing what we have been taught to call "depression", she didn't know she was "supposed" to take "anti depressant" pills, or that this was "supposed" to be a lifelong, bio-genetic "illness" that was "incurable".

You can view this video at Beyond Meds where I found it.

Here is a link to another post at Beyond Meds that highlights some of Pema's life wisdom.

I'm just sayin'.....somethin' to think about maybe.

Rock on.



Michele said...

Fabulous video -- thanks for sharing! Points out how powerful our perceptions can be, both positively and otherwise! Sometimes, the biggest shift can come from making the slightest shift in how we view the world.

Susan said...

A very excellent point, Michele! Well said!