Friday, May 14, 2010

Let It Be

Today I am feeling quite thoughtful.

I easily get caught up with the idea that there is some larger purpose to my life other than being "in the moment".

So as an exercise in practicing the same "mindful awareness" that was the catalyst for exiting the Alice in Wonderland type existence where I lived more in my head than I did in my day, I'm posting some things that remind me that I am on this journey...and this is what "is". This is my "now"....the moments, the things that give meaning to everything that I "do" by first remembering to "be".

I would like to thank Christine over at Blisschick for the gentle reminder that this journey is more about living and "being" and less about the "doing".

I wanted to share some of the photos I caught while taking a moment to breath and re connect with my life.

Let it be.

Q: How do you connect with your "now"? What is it that brings joy and peace to your day?


Mike Hinsley said...

When I'm looking for some great purpose or meaning in life I usually find that I'm avoiding something that I'd be aware of if I focussed on 'now' and on feelings, thoughts and emotions that are there when I stop my fizzy thoughts.

Susan said...

Excellent point Mike; avoidance comes in all sorts of packages for me and what you describe here is a pretty good description of it. There's times that I can't always identify what it is I might be avoiding but in taking these kind of "life breaks" I can usually figure out what the "it" is as I slow down enough to "listen" to myself. It seems the "busy" that fuels the fizzy thoughts is quite different than the "busy" of living in the moment that is always surrounded by peace. I love how you can state things in simple, clear language!

Ellen said...

Real nice photos Susan! It would be great to see more of them on your posts - I didn't even know you took pictures...

Susan said...

Thank you, Ellen! I do enjoy taking photos....I've posted a few here and there but I suppose it would be helpful if I was to "tag" them as such...I like your idea! I will look for more opportunities to do just that!

Melissa Mashburn said...

Those were beautiful photos, just beautiful and a good reminder for me to take some some and just breathe.

Writing connects me to my "now". I did not write before I began my depression recovery. I actually disliked it very much and believed I had no talent for it.

After I began my recovery process, I started writing as a way to help me manage my out of control emotions and found that it gave me a great deal of joy.

Susan said...

It's so good to hear that you have found an avenue to express your creativity and tap into "you"! Your comment is a great example of how using our natural tendencies toward a form of expression can also become a path we can follow to find our own healing.

Thanks for dropping by, Melissa!

isabella mori said...

oh, this is so beautiful ... lovely, lovely images!

btw, what mike said is VERY interesting, i'll have to think about that some more.

gardening connects me with "now", dancing, listening to inspiring and beautiful music (especially in the car with the window down), going for a walk ...

and getting off the computer, which i will do NOW!


Susan said...

Isabella - I like that you listed many things that can draw you back to your moment! It is always helpful to have those types of things in the front of my mind that I can take some action to bring me back to what is important!

And yes - I'd have to agree! Getting off the computer always, always helps!

I'm so glad you dropped by!