Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Weeks Ratings...

April 3 2010 "Budding Tree, Cityscape"

This week you have a voted with your clicks and told me which of the recent posts that have caught your attention!

Here are the ratings!

#1 Your Nuts, Not Traumatized - Life Sentences Schizophrenia A "rantish" look at the evidence that speaks volumes on the debate about "Nature" or "Nurture" as it relates to even the most serious of "diagnosis" related to "mental illness" that one can be given.

#2 The Sting of Stigma Part 3 PTSd Rebekah shares the discrimination she faced once she was given her "diagnosis" of "Bi Polar".

#3 Facing the Mountain and Let it be Both of these posts ranked similar in number of clicks so I thought I'd post them together. Both talk about the internal work that we do to find our finding our peace...and our strength to go on.

I want to thank everyone for dropping by to visit over this past week and invite you to stay tuned as we approach the end of "Mental Health Awareness" month and take a look tomorrow at "What is Love" in the context of what is helpful, unconditional love that supports mental wellness?

Wednesday we'll read about Kate and the loss and isolation she faced as she began her own painful journey thought the emotional and cognitive distress we have learned to call "mental illness" and Kris's struggle to support her daughter while her family passes judgement.

Q: What has been your personal "high point" this week in your own journey?

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