Monday, July 19, 2010

12 Things to support you in your journey - Part 3 ((conclusion))

Today we'll tie up this series...for those of you who are just joining us, you can read up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here of "12 Things....".

Today - the conclusion of my first "list series " 12 Things to Support you in your Journey"...and again -please forgive the formatting:)...

  1. 9. Separating myself from “diagnosis”. I’ve written quite a bit on this but wanted to mention it because this was vital for me to begin to see myself as a “person” who had some “issues” and that I could “learn” how to affect change in my life. “Diagnosis” is static, unmoving. “Issues” can be dealt with. Here's a link to my posts that contain "diagnosis" or you can search for yourself at the top left corner to see what else you can find.
  2. 10. Recognize this is a process, not a destination. This is a process of "self discovery", not another avenue that affords a promised "fix" or "recovery" that requires constant monitoring and focus on avoiding triggers and managing compulsions. Be committed and trust the process and you will be amazed at the payoff. Think “learning opportunity” vs. failure.
  3. 11. Commit to being a lifelong learner. I had to let go of the idea of being "fixed" as in "broken" and begin to see myself as a living, breathing organism that is constantly growing, repairing, changing to adapt to my environment - and with the gift of intelligence that could take me anywhere I could imagine... if I would just "imagine". There is no more viewing myself as broken, defective or "ill". I no longer think “oh, after I read this book I’ll be “fixed” and “done”. Nope. I had to commit to being just as committed about learning to live in “wellness” as I was about learning to live as whatever the “diagnosis du jour” was.
  4. 12. Giving up is no longer an option. My mantra became “Giving up is no longer an option; there is ALWAYS a solution". "Acting out" and "acting in" had to at some point become inaccessible as a solution and once I understood the purpose those behaviors served I was better equipped to begin to entertain the idea that I could - here's that "magic" word again - LEARN new ways of dealing with life's issues other than falling apart or sinking into depression (or dissociation) that consumed me. Over time, one by one, I learned to recognize my “avoidant” behaviors and identify new ways of managing my thoughts, emotions, behaviors - and identifying the faulty beliefs I held in order to cultivate a new belief system...A belief system based on the idea that I truly held the power to create this new life for myself and this is where the hope began to take shape when I took the action to live the life I chose for myself based on "wellness".

Thanks for joining me here this past week as I offered my very first "list" post of some of the "how to's" behind my own personal journey from
"there" "here" where I learned to create the life I wanted - in spite of the past I'd had.

If you found value in this post or series - please forward the links to others who may be interested to follow along as we travel this path together discovering the wonderful world of living that self empowered life and creating our best life each day...


Anonymous said...

"Separating myself from “diagnosis”."
My last trip to yet another Doctor wanting to give me a whole new diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder confirms this idea of separating myself from the diagnosis... How much more confusing can this be after 4 different diagnosis'!? Great post Susan! Mel

Unknown said...

Thanks Mel! And great to see you here today!

I've written some about "diagnosis" and in making that mind-shift to "wellness" how we can use the "diagnosis" and "symptoms" to light the path or direction to go as we discover our solutions....and there is always, always a solution!

I"m glad you found something helpful here, Mel!

Chere Michelle said...

This is a GREAT list. Wow. I think, if you don't mind, I'd like to reference back to it on my blog. One of these days all seriousness though, very inspiring and I'm glad I happened upon your blog...

Dani H said...

I am going to have to reread everything (probably several times) as I learn something different with each reading. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Chere - thanks for that!

I"m glad you dropped by and appreciate your support!

This list will be available in a free PDF file in the near future if you are interested. I'll post it as a new article when it's available.

Glad to know you found something good here!

Unknown said...

Dani - you are very welcome! Thank you for letting me know that this was a helpful list to you!