Monday, July 12, 2010

My first "list" post! "12 things to support you in your journey" - Part 1 of 3

Ok then...I don’t often get into offering sage advice here on “A Journey”. Typically my writing is more story telling I suppose.
Yet lately I’ve been hearing from many who are unsure of how this new paradigm of “wellness” applies to them if their path looks different than mine. So today – my first “list” post broken down into a series of 3 posts to accommodate those of us (me:) ) who get lost in “really long posts”…and as things would have it...Blogger and I don't seem to be communicating well and thus the formatting is a bit off...but on to the "list"!
Here we go:
  1. 1. Believe. “If you think you can – or can’t – you’re right” ~Henry Ford. Change begins with believing that change is possible. When I was stuck on defending the old…there was no room for me to even consider any “new” in my world.
  2. 2. Learn. When I was dependent on others to tell me what to do and provide me with my solutions I was “fed for a day”. Eventually, I figured out that I had to stop asking to be “fed”….and go teach myself to “fish” so I could “feed myself for a lifetime" through gaining my own knowledge about my life issues and discovering my own solutions.
  3. 3. Know what you want. I wanted to “get a life”. I wanted to learn how to be ok in the world and not expect others to adjust or accommodate me in order to be “ok”. I wanted to live a life free of the labels, shame and discrimination that comes with accepting being defined by someone else. I simply wanted to a person and learn how to live beyond coping and surviving. I wanted to live the best life possible – to create the life I believed I deserved.
  4. 4. Be responsible. There was a day not all that long ago when I felt completely alone and terrified. That was the day I said “I am responsible for the outcome of my life”. That was the day I stood at the top of that mountain, leaned into the wind….closed my eyes…and let go. You can see my version of the Patrick Overton poem here.

Thanks for reading today! I hope you'll join me here Wednesday for Part 2 of my (very first!!) list post of "12 things to support you in your journey"!

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Susan said...

Well - Blogger seems to be having some issues today and I'm getting reports that some folks are not able to leave comments.


I would love to hear your comments on this, my very first "list" post!

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Melissa Mashburn said...

I like your list. I think it goes very well with what you are talking about. You did not really offer advice, you were really just writing a list of things you have found beneficial.

Susan said...

Melissa - thank you for commenting! I appreciate that you were able to identify that my purpose is to share and not "direct".

I appreciate your input and support!


Kyla said...

Great post Susan! :) I love how you have each thing outlined. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing <3

Susan said...

Thanks Kyla:) Good to see you!