Monday, August 16, 2010

Life Lessons and Zebra's

Zebra Long Wing Butterfly

Life Lessons from a Butterfly

let go of the past
trust the future
embrace change
come out of your cocoon
unfurl your wings
dare to get off the ground
ride the breezes
savor all the flowers
put on your brightest colors
let your beauty show

— Author Unknown

Over at Zebra Sounds Judy got me thinking about the life lessons that we learn from our life experiences.

You see - in the past I had believed the lie that I was the cause of all things bad in my it was pretty impossible for me to see my life experiences from a positive perspective of life lessons.

So today I wanted to throw out there the idea that when we can begin to see ourselves as separate from others and life circumstances we become free to be that "student who is ready"...

Here are a few life lessons I've been picking up on lately....

1. When I stop trying to figure it out I usually figure it out:)

2. Insomnia is usually caused by #1

3. Eyes really are the window to the soul

4. Every behavior is an expression of an emotion; every emotion is the expression of a thought

5. I don’t have to know it all or do it all when I simply do my best

6. Multitasking is the cause of insanity:)

Q: What are some life lessons you've had lately?

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Anonymous said...

Love it! You've summed it up perfectly in six points although I have a difficult time giving up the multi tasking ~ I'm the queen of multi tasking haha nothing wrong with a lil' insane'ness, I've decided :D
~ mel

sarah said...

happened by ....great blog...

Susan said...

Hi Mel! lol! I know....multitasking is one of those things that I work on every day!

Thanks for your comment - I'm glad this was something you could relate to!

Susan said...

Sarah - Hi and welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself!

moodmonster said...

My most recent lesson: True contentment comes from learning the art of not comparing yourself to anyone else.

Susan said...

ahhhh! This for me was a tough one for a long time:) A very valuable lesson for sure - thank you for sharing it!

PS thanks for dropping by! Great to see you!