Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking Time, Living in Wellness

Blue Flowers
May 2010

Part of creating a new paradigm of "Wellness" is living in balance, taking time to look at things, to enjoy the moment truly experience the abundance of life that we can find in one



leaving "busy" behind and taking a breath.

For just a moment....

find something of natural beauty in your own world...

the sky

a cloud

a rain storm

a puddle

a butterfly

a bird

and watch it in it's natural state of "being"

without judgement

or question.

Just knowing

that it


Experience this moment


the breeze

the color

the texture

the scent.

For a moment



Then - if you would be willing to share - I'd like to invite you to come back later and share what you experienced in your moment of "being" and creating that balance in your own day.

Namaste :)



James Clayton said...

Wonderful, resonant and poignant... :)

I like the moments when I'm walking past a fish tank or an insect out and about in the street just stopping and reflecting on the beauty of it. A creature living - nature in action.

There's meditative power, serenity and wonder in those little moments. It is so worth finding those little pieces that make you aware of the greater whole, so thanks for the blog post reminder!

Susan said...

You are quite welcome James:) And thank you for a beautiful comment that exemplifies the meaning of this post...:)

MyThought said...

Yes, thank you for the reminder!

Only to remember how it was to have this simple moments of balance, when the first snow fell last winter, the first nice days in spring and the little bird that stopped by the garden every day between 12 and 1pm.., makes me feel relaxed and at peace.


Susan said...

Mythought - precisely the purpose of these excercises for me I've found!

It's so easy to get caught up in the "hard work" of the healing journey - so when it doesn't seem to be gelling for me I've found that it is a simple matter of returning to balance to get things moving forward again:)