Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Will Never "Get Over It"

Peace is Possible

Along the path I have followed in my journey through to get out of the pain of a past complicated by trauma, I struggled to understand the how behind "making peace" with the past....

"Let go"


"Live in the now"

and my favorite (not)

"get over it".

Are all phrases that in the past had no meaning to me - other than to tell me that I was somehow doing this "recovery" thing


Those who shared these pearls of wisdom did so with the best of intentions, I'm sure. But I had no internal understanding of "how" to "do" this.

Until I learned that to live in acceptance was very different than




the pain of the past that was stealing my "now" as I focussed on the resentments because I did not have the understanding of the role that


played in this journey as I travelled that road to get from "there"

that "dark place"

to "here"

where I "live in the light"

and create the life I choose for myself each day.

And this, I have found, is the crux of finding "acceptance" in this healing journey...

To grieve 

what was

and that which will never be

to accept 

what is

and is not.

I will never "get over it"

in the sense that it will never affect me again.

But rather that it will no longer

consume me

the way it did when my entire purpose in life was to live in

"avoidance" of the pain.


LivingwPTSD said...

I think I may print this out, once again you are very inspirational. Thank you

Grace said...

This is the best written/explained way to achieve healing. And the one definition of "acceptance" I can truly embrace. Thank you for this. My brain crunches up when I try to think haiku. I may never write one or understand the definition, but love to read them.

Mystic_Mom said...

Thank you for this...well written and is a keeper!

Susan said...

Living in PTSD - you are welcome and I am filled with gratitude at your note...:) Please do print and share.


Susan said...

Grace- I really appreciate that you found some light in that post for yourself! I also struggled with acceptance for a long time - I'm glad you see something here that might be adaptable for you.

The haiku tag...I'm sorry, it isn't supposed to be there! I sure hope we didn't see any damage from that!

Susan said...

Mystic -thank you for that! Wow! What a heartwarming feel good moment you just gave me!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. so very spot on, well said.
We're not there yet but I see the beginning, which is a good place to start.


Susan said...

Ravin - good to see you and thank you for your note!

I love what you said....(we're not there yet)...but I see the beginning! Yes! That is a very good place to start!

Patricia Singleton said...

I agree with what everybody else said. I have never seen acceptance and the process of recovery so well explained. I too am printing it out to share with others.

~Kyla~ said...

Great Post, Susan as always I love the thing's you share. Well said!

Susan said...

Patricia - I am honored to hear this post described that way. I"m happy to hear that you found this to be something to share! Thank you for your note!

Susan said...

Kyla - thank you! Nice to see you!