Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Un-diagnosed" from "Bi Polar disorder"


To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming
is the only end in life. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


A friend sent me a link to this story of a young woman who had been diagnosed as "Bi Polar" and now lives free of the drugs, the mental health system...and the "diagnosis". 

Here's an excerpt from this celebratory post of her finding freedom from "diagnosis"....

"Dr. R: Wow. That's really interesting. So this bipolar diagnosis we have on here really isn't relevant any more. I'm going to take it off your records."

You can read the rest of this post by clicking here....

You can read about Will Halls approach to safely coming off psychotropic medications from a harm reduction approach. Here's a brief excerpt and description about this guide:

"A 'harm reduction' approach means not being pro- or anti-medication, but supporting people to make their own decisions balancing the risks and benefits involved. Written by Will Hall, with a 14-member health professional Advisory Board providing research assistance and 24 other collaborators involved in developing and editing. The guide has photographs and art throughout, and a beautiful original cover painting by Ashley McNamara."

You can download and read Will's guide here.

You can read my disclaimer about psychotropic drugs  here.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry I saw my last psychiatrist: I related to him about being stslked and still having alot of anxiety surrounding feeling safe etc; The next time I visited him, he was reviewing my records and said:'I see here you have a history of paranoia.'

I told him it was not 'paranoia'; that my impaired mom had had a man come ino her life and when I discussed him with her, she told him i wanted him away from us and he began following my daughter and I and that he had a criminial record for assault, and that I knew of others who had been harrassed by him, including a mental health professionsl.He ignored my comment-probably made a notation I was 'ruminating'.

I found him to be essentially uninterested in me, just trying to decide what meds to dispense to fit my 'symptoms'.

Now his notation about 'paranoia' is a permanent part of my medical records.

Susan said...

Anon - I'm terribly sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunatly I can completely relate as have had similar experiences. I'm really glad you wrote your comment. :) Be well and stay in touch if you like:)