Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Empowering Solutions! Author, Educator and Coach Shamash Alidina on using the R.A.I.N. formula to manage painful emotions

Empowering Solutions is a Blog Talk Radio program hosted by me, Susan Kinglsey-Smith, that focus' on sharing solutions that will empower you to take control of your healing journey!

Learning to use mindful self awareness to deal with difficult emotions is a vital core component of healing from trauma regardless of its source or cause. Mindfulness is a protective environment where we can begin to release difficult emotions and this month on Empowering Solutions we'll be talking with Shamash Alidina on this topic.

Shamash Alidina is an Author, Mindfulness Trainer, Coach, Educator and Lecturer and who recently published his best selling book “Mindfulness for Dummies”. On Empowering Solutions this month we'll be talking with Shamash and his insight into mindful awareness as a tool and the skills in using his RAIN formula to learn to manage distressing emotions and other mindful techniques to support your healing journey!

Learning and practicing mindful self awareness when things are calm will empower us to conquer the pain when life is difficult; R.A.I.N. is formula we can use to begin to "go through" to "get out of" the pain of PTSd. 

Go to Empowering Solutions on Blog Talk Radio to listen to this Empowering Solutions broadcast with Shamash Alidina, Author of Mindfulness for Dummies!

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