Saturday, November 6, 2010

No More Shame: 200 Men Stand Together


Part of this healing journey is having our our trauma experiences validated by others....

This week has been groundbreaking in the area of breaking the shame and the silence around sexual abuse.  Oprah Winfrey invited 200 adult men to come forward and tell their stories.

Generation after generation of sexual abuse is happening around the world. Yet - the stories are often never told.  In therapy many of us have been told that the past had nothing to do with our today, to just get over it, move on; we are often labeled and medicated.  

Our very being is denied when these life changing experiences are dismissed as inconsequential and unimportant by others. 

Today, abuse of all forms are still not freely shared or discussed


 it is in the telling of the story and having it validated as horrible by another human being that allows us to finally begin to move on and begin to create a life beyond this kind of life experience.

There is a time to put the past to rest, to move on, to create the life we want for ourselves but when we are denied this part of the healing process and forced to carry these burdens alone in time our pain will surface in a myriad of symptoms and very often become a distraction to the real issues that are overlooked. 

The only way out

is through.

With that said; this broadcast may be triggering to those who have survived childhood sexual abuse yet at the same time there are great hints at how to begin this healing journey. 

Please make sure you are in a safe, supportive place if you are concerned that you may be triggered...

Please follow the link below to watch this in its entirety on

200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward on Oprah

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Grace said...

Oprah quoted someone on the show about healing begins when we let go of the hope that we could somehow go back and do it over. My brain is still trying to wrap around that one. Those questions if I hadn't been born to THAT family... Wastes so much emotional energy. Excellent show. Very brave for the men to share some of the horror. Made it more real for me to hear that endured yuck of incomprehensible intensity.

Hope Oprah continues to open peoples minds after this last season.

Susan said...

I was amazed at the things I'd heard too. The first time I'd heard that concept I had a really hard time with it too Grace. But what I'd gotten after 15+ years in the mental health system wasn't working so I followed this path instead when I was fortunate to have connected with another trauma survivor who shared these healing concepts with me. Yes - on the "if only" questions....I spun on those for years myself:)

Agreed - it was very brave of them to share and hopefully many others will find courage in this. I'm thinking and hoping also that Oprah will keep it up on this stuff.

Good to see you!

Patricia Singleton said...

I missed this show yesterday because of a minor family emergency with my son and daughter-in-law and their car. Watched it today online and cried through part of it. Bringing this into the open is a very good thing for everyone.

Susan said...

I agree Patricia. It is in the telling of the true unedited stories that the world might take notice but also validate these experiences for those who still live in it and think its their fault or its not that bad. This will give strength to many to begin to rise up and find their freedom.