Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How do I? I will. ~Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse~

I. Can. Do. This.
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Some days this journey is difficult.


Sometimes it just plain sucks. 

In honor of those all who are on on this journey and as a contribution to the Blog Carnival against Child abuse...

This is a re-post from December 2009 but it seemed appropriate for today as a reminder that the road to freedom from the past is full of potholes and yet there is hope...

How do I?...I will.

how do I do this
how do I see
that I am not limited
in what I can be?

how do I go forward
leave the past behind
how do I get there
what will I find?

somehow I have to
reach for that ring
Some way I'll get there
I'll be free and I'll sing

standing at the top of that mountain
ready to reach for the stars
no longer fearful
no longer scared
I know that I will go far

this day I will get there
you know that I will
no longer a victim
I stand free and will
let go of the memories
grieve the past
no longer helpless
I am free at last

Originally published December 2, 2009


~Kyla~ said...

Beautiful poem, wow..loved this a lot.

Susan said...

Hi Kyla! And thank you...I'm glad to hear that!

sarah said...

powerful...especially that last paragraph and I echo the same.

Susan said...

HI Sarah...isn't it true? Free at last....:)

Patricia Singleton said...

Susan, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful, healing poem.

Susan said...

You are so welcome Patricia; I feel honored to be a part of the carnival:)

Paul said...

Thank you for the voice of hope!

Susan said...

Hi Paul! You're welcome and I appreciate your note and encouragement!