Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are We There Yet??

May 31 2011
Oh. My. Gosh. :)

There are days in this journey where I think

shouldn't I be done with this by now?

And - this message is often reinforced by those around me who have made it very clear that they are really not interested in hearing about my "journey".

At all.

Thank god for social media:) 

Thank god I have this place where I can connect with others who travel this same path, who share the same struggles...

and who know that the healing journey is not about suddenly having the "perfect" life...

but about being ok with the life we have.

Its not about having a life where there are no more ups or downs...

but about knowing that the ups and downs are life.

Its not about never "losing it"...

but knowing that in losing it I"m not losing my mind. 

Its not about never having another "bad day"...

but about embracing every day.

So thank god for social media...

Facebook, twitter, blogging

and thank god for all who are on this journey 

and this place where where I know I'm not alone

and that we are all on the right path

in the perfect place

at the perfect time.

Are we there yet?


 Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


Joy said...

I have to say I feel exactly like that .. "shouldn't we be there yet"
Yet I have barely taken any steps forward.. am slow to move afraid of the unknown. .have had too many do I know I will not fail again..

Susan said...

You know Joy I had similar fears and some days - still do! This I don't think is unique to survivors but is really a human thing. Its just so scary for us because we've been conditioned to believe we have no power over our own lives.

Part of overcoming this was in learning to understand the how my mind and body responded to change in the trauma (fight flight freeze response), recognizing it and practicing going through those feelings while reminding myself I"m all grown up now and that I can take care of myself now.

And :)...I started recognizing my journey not as failed when I struggled but as learning opportunties. I had to recognize that voice that told me I"d "failed" came from those who taught me to doubt myself and that when they did - it was not about me...but about their own issues. I found that helpful to be able to "make sense" out of these situations so I could keep moving instead of staying stuck like I'd been for so long.

I hope that helps....we are no longer alone and I don't think we can fail:)

Viewing this as a journey helps me to understand that I'm already where I'm supposed to be...I've already arrived and if I don't like where I"m at I can learn to change my course:)

SASSU said...

I absolutely love this! Continue sharing your story with the world and being an inspiration for others to begin their healing journey or to continue on the path to healing. Thank you.

Susan said...

SASSU...I'm tickled pink to hear from you! Thank you for your encouragement!

In Gratitude to you and all who follow my journey!