Thursday, June 23, 2011

War, Warriors and Pharma: PTSD is NOT a disease

Every now and then I get the old soapbox out, give a rant, shake my fist, bow my head and cry...

Our warriors are out there fighting a war, sacrificing their lives, families and now their futures as the best thing the VA and the Mental Health system have to offer them is a chemical lobotomy. 

I have nothing else to say....except....

How can America being doing this to their soldiers?

Big Pharma killing more soldiers than enemy combatants?
Anthony Mena is just one of a fast-rising number of U.S. soldiers who are being drugged to death by psychiatrists and physicians who dish out painkillers and psychotropic drugs with virtually no regard to their chemical interactions.

Those interactions are never tested in clinical trials (yes, never!). The position of the FDA and Big Pharma seems to be that the more drugs a person takes, the better they'll get, and doctors are trained in med schools to keep prescribing pills with virtually no concern about the extreme toxicity of various pharmaceutical combinations. Their motto is, "For every ill, there's another pill."

Now the body count is rising. Today,one-third of the U.S. Army is on at least one prescription medication, and many of those are psychiatric medsused to treat PTSD.

Read the entire article here:

From the archives here at A Journey:

USA Today: Hundreds of Soldiers Given Diagnosis of Personality Disorder

Pray for the wounded, the weak, the ones whose voices have been silenced but most of all...

Pray for our country.

 Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


Duane Sherry said...

Like many other people in this country, I come from a family with a long-line of military service.

And so, I would like to say, "Thank you, for this post."

These are some recovery resources for military service members and veterans -

My best,


Susan said...

Duane; you are very welcome. I am appalled at how our country treats warriors and survivors of all traumas. Thank you for your service and for sharing the link. I will add it to my resources page.

In gratitude.


Sigrun said...

It's the same here in Scandinavia. The health care system suffers from advanced trauma phobia.

Susan said...

Thats a good way of putting it. Advanced Trauma Phobia.

That combined with the greed of the health care "providers" and pharmaceutical companies..

Its a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

The drug companies are making a fortune treating diseases that are diagnoses subjectively. I won't take anything for a disease that has no objective test and effect can't be measured.


Susan said...

I'm with you Pam. Unfortunately when the "doctors" are telling someone in serious distress that these pills are the fix and it is endorsed by our government....well...what do we do when the "professionals" keep feeding us these lies.

I wish we could educate all who are stuck in the crippling mental health system.

Duane Sherry, M.S. said...


I didn't serve, but I will pass on your words of gratefulness to many members of both my immediate and extended family who did.(far too many to list).

Thank you again, for caring Susan.

My best,