Monday, March 26, 2012

Self, Space, Things and Time

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Space and things.


Sounds sort of Star Trekky, don't you think?

Yet this, I've found, is what "life" is made of.

This is where "I" exist and how I move myself through my life - by creating a framework for my life from the inside out…

Where my "doing" is fueled by my "being"…

Instead of the "doing”…

That comes from a life lived from the outside


This is the "how" behind becoming the creator of my life

Instead of that perpetual victim of life.

But - this is not what I've always known.

In fact...I experienced life like this for a long time...



Then space.



Or lack of.

This is where my life was a place where I never had enough


I wanted lots of things to fill my space and that took my time and



was never part of the equation.

I moved through my days chasing that elusive dream of

when I have the time

then I might have enough things

to fill my space

and finally




and thus

that ever elusive place of

Happily ever after.

The thing I've discovered though...

along the way from


to here...

Is that living my life like this...

was a huge part of that feeling "less than" and "never enough".


Well...for we've talked of many times...this was my "normal".'

And my "normal" was definitely not "healthy" nor was it functional and in fact was a very dys-functional way of trying to exist as a part of the bigger world.

In fact in living my life from the

outside in

rather than the inside out...

I felt very much disconnected....

Apart from

not a part of...

that bigger world.

So in order to find a way to "be" and "be ok"...

I had to find a way to exist

from the inside out

instead of

the outside in.

"Being" is the beginning of "doing".

Yet - we live in a world that values "doing" above "being".

So while there is a reason why I felt broken



and believed I was


When I learned how to give my "self" a form and a function

that began from the inside out

that is when my outside started to be more a reflection of my


Learning the how behind healing myself from the inside out...


learning to own the things that made me "me"...

My thoughts, beliefs, feelings and yes, my body

and how all of these parts of me are connected

and make me


was the beginning of learning how to shape my life from the inside out


instead of the outside in


that had been my normal.

Today then....

If I can begin by engaging with my "center"...

aka knowing my "self"

by knowing and owning the things that make me "me"...

my thoughts,

my feelings,

mybeliefs and

my body

within the framework of my space and things

my time

will no longer consume me

but becomes that path I follow

where I find that that my "doing" is truly fueled by my "being".

Learning to discover my "self" was the beginning of discovering the meaning of "self" empowered living.

How did I discover my "self"?

By learning to listen to and own those things that made me "me"...

My thoughts, beliefs, feelings and body.

I know...its hard sometimes - especially when for so long I did not have ownership of these parts of me that made me "me".

So the place to begin was to begin learning about "me" and

asking what it was that "I" was thinking

what "I" believed

what "feelings" I was feeling in my body - and

what I wanted to do with all of that.

There is no "right" or "wrong" when it simply is....

And "it" is pretty awesome:)

Live long...

Live well...

and prosper:)


Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!



Corinna West said...

I didn't know you were a poet. Way to go.

Susan said...

Thanks Corinna:)