Monday, April 16, 2012

Living far beyond survival....

A day in my journey of self discovery
September 29 2010
Newport Beach California

Today a note from the Empowering Solutions Community page...

For those of us who grew up in chaos, dysfunction, neglect, abuse or other physcial psychological, emotional violations we can be stuck in survival mode.

This is where we are on constant lookout for the next "shoe to drop", ready to "fight", "flight" or "freeze".

We are working and putting out so much energy to survive because we never learned how to "live".

We often lack the life, coping and social skills that are the foundation of a healthy, interdependent "self" and life.

The empowering solution for me became learning to recognize "survival" mode and being able to step back from that while I learned the life and coping skills that would enable me to create my"self" and "get a life" that I so desperately wanted and deserved.

We were wounded and left unprepared yes; the good news is that we can learn to give ourselves today what we did not get in our yesterdays.

The journey is one of self-discovery, the finding of our "self" and the inner wisdom that allows us to know what to do when in our head and experience we have no clue what to do.

We can learn to no longer be a victim of life but the creator of our best life where we are survivors of bad things but no longer live only to survive.

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Always grateful you choose to share your light and life with us here:)

May you live in mucho massive amounts of the magic today!


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Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


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