Friday, July 3, 2009

I'd like you to meet my girl, Brindle

This is my girl, Brindle - she is a HUGE part of my journey.


Jessica Hirst said...

My dog has been amazing too - a friend told me dogs are bodissatvas, enlightened beings. Because they are SO good at being in the moment! I also appreciate all your comments about frustration with psychiatric care and the process of becoming empowered in our own healing processes. I think PTSDisorder isn't the right name, because our responses to the trauma are not 'sick,' it's the traumas themselves that are problematic, and the way modern society reacts to them. My blog is at should you want to take a look. Can I post a link to 'zebras' on mine? peace jessica

Susan said...

Brindle has been invaluable to me in this journey...I call her my angel :)

Yes; it has been frustrating; I have found knowledge to be the most empowering thing in this journey. For all of us to connect and speak up helps to break the barriers we face. I agree that we are not "disordered" but rather "injured"; our response is not "sick" but is a natural common "trauma response".

I dropped by your blog home - I am so sorry you had that experience. Thank you for asking - yes, it would be great to be linked to your blog