Tuesday, July 7, 2009

USA today...excercise improves mood for 12 hours

In USA Today it was reported that "people are in a better mood for up to 12 hours after they work out". Check out the full story here


Michele Rosenthal said...

This news should send us all to the gym -- and the dance floor! I think group exercise and dance therapy should be a part of every PTSD healing regime. Puts us back in touch and reconnected with our mental and physical selves while at the same time pumping us with endorphins. With all that going on, how could anyone not heal??

Susan said...

I totally agree, Michele! Healing is not "one sided" ie psychological is it? Stress affects us mentally, emotionally AND physically...and survivors often lose touch with their bodies to avoid a triggering event. Like you, "moving to the music" is helpful to re connect us with our bodies and frees our mind from the chains of the past resulting in an inner freedom that psychological healing I think. It's a wonderful way to reconnect from a state of dissociation and reclaim my "now".