Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hear me ROAR!

Well...It certainly has been an eventful year for me here on this very quiet blog out here in the magnificent cloud world :)

I looked back recently at when I made my first post; March 29, 2009. I posted "life is a song" Patrick Park.

But this was only after reading about the "5 ways of reaching out" over at Micheles house Parasites of the Mind aka Heal My PTSD. This is important because you see, while I had been doing some of the very hard and intense emotional healing from a lifetime of abuse and trauma - I had become pretty much a recluse. So thank you Michele for that post that encourged me to find safety here in this world so that I could then practice finding safety in RLT (Real life time!). My world is much expanded since that first post - both here and in RLT :)

So I started visiting other blog sites and now and then leaving a tentative comment like my friend Ellen over at Shy and Blue. Ellen may not know this but she has been instrumental in my healing process as she and I exchanged notes and comments over these past months. Thank you, Ellen for being my friend.

And I found over at Mikes Musings in the UK there are some wonderful and insightful conversations going on. Mike and I have left a few notes and some smileys here and there, off and on over the past months. More recently I have enjoyed some very wonderful conversations and enjoy his insight into topics and issues that are new yet very interesting to me. And more recently I found Mikes other blog site Mild Fox Zen where I have enjoyed some insight of my own as we have recognized in our own lives how trauma colors our perceptions.

Most recently I have "de lurked" at Christines blog theBlissChick. I always enjoy going over to Christine's house to visit; it is so calm, open and friendly. I always find something useful to me to add to my list of "good things" to do. She has a wonderful way of sharing her own personal journey with hope and inspiration.

Another great site that Ellen referred me to some time ago is Beyond Meds. What a relief to know that I was not the "only one" who had these types of experiences in my journey. I have found this to be a great site with plenty of personal stories of hope, help and in general the awesomeness of us as resilient human beings. Thanks, Ellen for that share!

So, thank you to all of my new friends around the world. Thank you for your company, your encouragement, your conversations and most of all...thank you for being who you are.

Each of you and the many others I have found in this past year has affected my journey in one way or another lending fuel to my spirit and fire to my soul to continue in this journey and learning to create and live my best life today.

I am truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

It's nice for me to read this today; today has been not so good for me. :-|

Unknown said...

Mike; the world is a better place because you are in it. I appreciate knowing you and hope you don't mind if I call you "friend".

I'm sorry today is a not so great day for you; my wish is that you find peace and a way to find joy in the midst of it all.

Your friend


Anonymous said...

You behave like a friend so that's enough for me.

I am at peace today amongst everything it's not often that I resist the life that I have or the person that I am.


Unknown said...

Mike; I like the way you put's not often I resist the life I have or the person I am.

An excellent statement and brilliant summary of how acceptance is vital to our freedom over those things that we cannot change nor control.

I think I will post this one on my mirror :)