Monday, February 15, 2010

Healing body mind and spirit...not necessarily in that order

Yoga for beginners at youtube.

A quick stretch for me today....trying to be more respectful of my body and claim my physical health for myself :)

Over on Blisschick Christine is throwing down the gauntlet and challenging us to a new attitude about our bodies...

How interesting that this comes up today when I am considering how we heal from past issues not only in our mind but also we eventually get to the point where we can begin to pay attention to our spirit and body.

I am so wishing this was something I could hire someone to do for me *smile*


Anonymous said...

I think we may have the process for healing trauma a bit backwards in this culture. From my own healing, I have learned that only by getting back into the body did my healing truly begin. I processed story for many years but never was able to get to JOY until I started to dance, which allowed me to laugh, which allowed me to feel...etc. :)

Unknown said...

It's true; we have our "being" kind of divied up and it works best when we can find a way to heal our whole being. BODY mind and spirit. :)

Thanks for dropping by,Christine!