Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Follow Ups and Back to Basics!

Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

Today I wanted to get back to my Blogging, my advocacy, my writing, my purpose and my passion.

Wha a?

The past couple of weeks my time and attention has been split....pretty thin.

Here's a few things I've been contributing to and working on....

Last week I was Guest Blogger at Emerging From Broken where...

I shared parts of my story in more depth and detail than I ever have in the past. Ever. Anywhere. 

Whats it about?

Learning to identify how I finally came to understand what it meant and means to have my "self" suffocated and my body and being used as an object to serve others.

And - how in this process I also discovered the path to freedom and made that shift from coping, managing and surviving to...


My best life. 

Ever. :)

Check it out here.

What else have I been up to?

Well....I got kind of involved in a little Petition to New York Times that has turned into kind of a big deal as in less than 5 days we've garnered almost 80% of our initial goal from supporters and comments from around the world. 

You can check it out and read the petition and the comments here. 

Some of the Just wow. 

Check it out at the link above and if this is an issue you can get on board with, leave your signature there then...

Join us at the new Community Group for this Petition to the NYT by clicking here. This will be sort of like our Ground Zero as we continue to keep folks informed and involved in this groundbreaking endeavor.

What else?

Every day there are some great conversations going on at the Empowering Solutions Community page at Facebook. Every day I post and share on a variety of issues and topics faced by SRBT (survivors of really bad things:)) 

Drop by and give us a "like" so you can recieve the daily notes on your own FB wall:)

Any more?

Well, I did recently set up a twitter account for just the ES stuff....

You can follow me on twitter by going here:


I finally mastered the technology to put an email sign up form here on A Journey! 

Now - if you are interested for me to send you STUFF...:)

All you have to do is drop your email in the box up top that says...


(This is different than your reading subscription, k? :))

I'm pretty sure theres something else....

Oh yeah!

I got overambitious and thought about expanding ES to 4 times a month...

(and actually announced that I was doing this not-so-well-thought-out-thing :-/


and then had some (very wise:)) second thoughts....

Empowering Solutions on BTR will maintain at twice monthly...

the 1st and 3rd Thursdays

at 2pm EST (USA)....

for now anyway:)

Coming up in August!

August 4th - Christina Enveldson, Founder of 

August 18th - Breaking Free from Broken with Darlene Ouimet of

Ok then. 

Guess I have been a little busy:)

I think I'll take a break and see what comes up next:) 

Thanks for sharing the journey!


The past no longer has to steal our todays and destroy our tomorrows:) If you are looking for information and resources to learn how to learn to live beyond broken....

Welcome. Thats what we do. :) 

Sharing the light, the hope and the journey:)

Stay tuned!

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