Sunday, July 3, 2011

It Was All About Avoidance

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One of the things about the healing journey that I found to be (hmmph....) not so helpful...was when the focus was on the behaviors that had been my "normal" in and following the trauma experiences...but were now not so helpful.  

Darlene Ouimet of Emerging From Broken had this to say recently about the change that changed her life.... 

The whole key was uncovering and discovering how my belief system about myself and the world, had formed and realizing it was full of lies that I believed about myself. As I replaced the lies with the truth, the coping methods fell away; because I didn’t need them anymore. 
                                                                                                                                 ~ Darlene Ouimet

Very often in the journey the focus becomes the behavior.

Well, why wouldn't it? 

Thats what we see.

But like Darlene - it was when I started looking at the issues underneath the coping methods that in the trauma were helpful - but had become "maladaptive" because these behaviors were affecting my ability to create and live the life that I wanted for myself. 

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Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!


Mystic_Mom said...

Susan, thank you for this. I never really thought about it until I discovered that the things I used to do were 'bad becoming normal' and that I could have a 'good things are normal' that was new! It's hard though, those old habits and reactions can really sneak up on me in some situations. Great post. Shanyn, the Scarred Seeker

Susan said...

Hi Shanyn! Isn't that great how those "iight bulb" moments can change our lives! Learning to "see" my coping skills (negative behaviors ie acting in/acting out) as something that I could change was, well, life changing!

Great to see you!