Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look! Something New Has Been Added! Breaking Free From Broken Debut!

Susan Kingsley-Smith, CIC, CFFS

A new addition to the Empowering Solutions Community Resources!

Breaking Free From Broken!

One of the core issues that survivors of abuse and other family dysfunction face is a chronic sense of worthlessness and powerlessness that wreaks havoc over our lives and relationships. 

Darlene Ouimet, CTACC
Starting this month Blogger, Author and Coach Darlene Ouimet and I will bring you some empowering solutions on breaking free from and learning to live beyond broken as we share 1/1 with you how we both found freedom from broken and you can too!

New Show: Breaking Free From Broken!

Hosts: Susan Kingsley-Smith, CIC, CFFS and Darlene Ouimet, CTACC

Date: Every 3rd Thursday beginning July 21 2011

Time: 2pm EST (USA)

Where you can find Susan and Darlene

You can find Darlene at her blog Emerging From Broken and at the Emerging From Broken Community on Facebook.

Are you ready? 

Lets do this!

Seek Knowledge, Find Wisdom....Live Your Truth!

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