Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reminder that ES is Expanding, Next Weeks Q&A and I finally got the techsmarts to put an email sign up form on the blog!

Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

I know you're all busy and get more than enough emails so will keep this short and quick....:)

This Thursday on July 21st you can tune into Empowering Solutions on Blog Talk Radio by clicking here and join Coach and Blogger Darlene Ouimet and myself on the newest addition to the ES lineup...

Breaking Free from Broken!

Each month Darlene and I will share from our own journey the path we've followed that brought us from that place of deep despair and hopelessness to finally emerge on the other side of broken!

And a quick heads up for next week on Empowering Solutions...

Every 4th week we'll be answering YOUR questions about your own journey or the topics from this months ES shows!

So jot your notes down...

Send us an email with your questions

Or plan now to join us on July 27th for our first...


Update 7/21/2011


Jumping out of the gate early is never a smart thing to do!

Empowering Solutions IS growing, morphing and changing...

but not just yet!

For now - you can find us on Blog Talk Radio every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 2pm EST (USA)....

August 4th - Christina Enveldson, Founder of Overcoming Sexual Abuse will join us!

August 18th - Breaking Free from Broken with Darlene Ouimet of Emerging From Broken!

More to come!

The rest...


In time! 

Onward and upward! 

Have a terrific Wednesday! 

Susan_Ks :)

PS Thanks for your patience as I find my footing with these changes (oy!) and stay tuned! 


I forgot to mention....I recently figured out how to put an email sign up form here on the blog...

and....this is different than your reading subscription.

This is for you to say "its ok for you to send me stuff"!

"Stuff" being defined as news and happenings in my world that I think you might be interested in that I've not published on the blog here (yet) or is available elsewhere....:) 

To sign up for stuff:) go to the box at the top left of this post where it says...

Sign me up for stuff!!

Send questions! 

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