Monday, November 21, 2011

The thing I've noticed...

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There seemed to be two main issues that I faced in the journey. 

One is an unconscious sense of powerlessness that is often where I felt incapable to resolve my own life issues all the while feeling responsible for resolving or "helping" others to resolve their life issues. 

And - often I felt as though no matter what I did I was doing it wrong and this feeling of "wrongness" was often validated by those who were unconsciously working out their own issues by trying to "help" me work out my own. 

The key for me to learn to live beyond this complex dynamic was to first learn to see it in myself and in those around me - without judgement. 

This freed me to begin to see that I wasn't so "wrong", was not responsible for others and had complete power to create the "me" and the life I wanted for myself.

Yes...its true....

You really are enough:)

In hope love and joy,


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