Monday, September 5, 2011

Changing My View Changed My World

Understanding that my outside world was a reflection of my inside world empowered me to begin to see how by changing my inside world that I could change my outside world.

I used to wonder how I was supposed to handle all the crap life threw at me.

Abuse and neglect from an early age left a very bad taste in my mouth about life in general. 

When others would look at the world and see sunshine and lollipops all I saw was 


Life was dark. I was dark. I didn't give a damn and believed that no one gave a damn about me.


I discovered and came to understand that the purpose of my journey was not to make my life, my circumstance and the people who shared my space 


Not at all.

In fact what I discovered is that there is no such thing as perfect and that as long as I was trying to be perfect

I was being far from perfect.

It was when I realized that my job was not to shape my circumstances to make me feel ok

but to learn to accept my circumstances and then

I would be


My circumstances may not change but the way I experience them can change me. 

My world changed when I changed my view of the world


Tara said...

So very true. Thanks for the reminder.

Susan said...

My pleasure Tara:)

Apeetha Ravi said...

This is so true. I thought the world was messed up and so it appeared messed up. I stopped thinking it was chaotic and it became orderly!

It is nice to see people being honest. Thank you for the post.

Light and Love

Susan said...

I had a similar experience Apeetha! I knew instinctively that if there was disorder or chaos that there was a way to create order! Thank you for dropping by and welcome! I'm always happy to share the journey!