Monday, August 29, 2011

Creating My Best Life; Emotional Awareness

Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

Recently on the Empowering Solutions Community page I'd posted this: "Avoiding my emotions created a teapot effect where I would blow up or boil dry. ~SusanKs". 

The way I described myself in the past was as having 2 emotions; angry to the point of rage and sadness/depression that would debilitate me. In between I lived in a state of numbness where I didn't feel anything. 

Emotional extremes and swings from one extreme to the other was my normal until I understood that I could learn to connect with my body and my physical responses to my life experiences aka my emotions and...

...that there was a full range of emotional experiences not just the highs and lows I was accustomed to.

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WillSpirit said...

I like both this post and the next for the path they describe: embrace emotions for growth and realization. I've been wondering if there is a larger movement forming around this theme, and Empowering Solutions seems to be a sign of this. Thank you for your words and the link.

Susan said...

Hi WillSpirit! Thanks for dropping by and for your supportive comment! I'm of a similar mind that emotional literacy is a core issue for the journey and see some shifts from the behavior focus to thought and belief systems. Understanding that I had the ability to choose my thoughts and feelings is what put me in the position to understand that I could also create my best life vs the wishing and wanting that had driven me in the past. Empowerment is indeed about understanding how to empower ourselves. :)