Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

A quick note today to bring y'all :) up to speed with the happenings over at Empowering Solutions on Blog Talk Radio this month on August 4th and 18th....

This Thursday August 4th 2pm EST (USA)

Guest: Christina Enevoldsen from

Our topic: Survivors of childhood oppression/abuse/neglect often find themselves in abusive relationships in adulthood. A false method of “empowerment” is to accept the blame for the abuse. The truth is that we are empowered to stop the abusive cycle, but only by realizing that though we aren’t the problem, we are the solution. Coming up this week on Empowering Solutions we’ll be talking with Christina Enevoldsen, Co-Founder of the online resource and  would like to invite you to join us this Thursday, August 4th at 2pm EST at Empowering Solutions on BTR!

Tune in again on August 18th at 2pm EST

Topic: Breaking Free from Broken!

Join myself and Darlene Ouimet from Emerging From Broken as we continue to discuss the issues connected to learning to recognize and overcome the many subtle issues faced by many who are seeking to discover how they too can emerge from - and live WAY beyond - that place of broken! 


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May you have a most wonderful time creating your own "best life" this week!

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