Monday, August 1, 2011

Creator? Or Constant Victim? Yeah...I was done with that!

Seek Knowledge, find Wisdom, live your Truth!

Victim? Rescuer? Perpetrator or Troublemaker?

We all play these roles at different times and sometimes in the same situation. 

Learning to recognize this is how I learned to change it.

The benefit was that learning this helped me to learn how to cultivate healthy vs dependent relationships.

This empowered me to begin to stop recreating the pattern of abuse in my life that left me feeling powerless over my own life yet feeling responsible for everyone else's life.

On top of that this knowledge helped me to feel more confident about life and the world in general.


Because I was now in creator of my best life vs. a constant victim of life. :)



Keep your eyes open! Things are a growing and changing here in my world and I've got some irons in the fire! 

What? You say?

Yes; well, I don't want to give too much away but this year you can expect some stuff!

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With love and appreciation for sharing the journey,

Susan Ks.


LadyJtalks said...

sure do understand's hard to keep going and talking about the same things all the time. I said so much over the years I'm just keeping it simple now and listening again.

Susan said...

Hi LadyJ! Making that shift from being a victim of life to the creator of the life I wanted was I discovered - not as complicated as I thought. I like what you say...keeping it simple:)

Becky said...

This really resonates with me this morning...

It was made clear to me (again!) that I need to hear other people's assessment of me and of a given situation--to figure out what the problem is, and even if there is one sometimes! this time there is and it is with me. Which is better than it being somebody else---I can change me!

Susan said...

Hi Becky! There we go! It was total newness for me to understand that I could change me....but that was also ok because coming from that place where my power was taken from me it was a pretty big deal to discover this life changing truth!