Monday, October 3, 2011

Trauma is trauma and healing is healing; learning to create my "best life"

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From the Empowering Solutions Community page recently....

Trauma is trauma. It's our stories that are unique. Thus, believing my trauma was worse than or less than someone else's left me hopeless for healing. I found an empowering solution in learning to let go of the details that kept me stuck and using them to find my solution in the emotional healing process of shifting from that rumination where I was the perpetual victim to resolution where I became my own hero.

The similarities of our experiences is how we find support and the sharing of our stories.

But when I was stuck in only telling my story over and over

and over

to others who were simply telling their stories over and over

and over...

I was stuck in my pain and the "symptoms" of the normal emotional and cognitive/mental distress that comes with being a

trauma survivor.

I had sought "therapy" for many many years only to be told that my trauma experiences were so devastating, so extensive, so ingrained into my person that I would never


find healing.

It was when I was able to understand that there was indeed a normal human emotional healing process that was applicable to every single one of my trauma experiences. And while I understood that I would not be who I might have been had I not been traumatized, violated, manipulated, oppressed and abused...


I could be

all I can be today and tomorrow...

and I began to understand that as things came up for me in my healing journey

it was not necessary to heal it


at the same time....

But the task was to know how to heal

at all. 

It was in the going through

that I finally got out of

the pain

the darkness

the misery

that was surviving.

I wanted more.

I wanted to live

and I finally understood that it is



too late.

I discovered that it is completely possible to learn to no longer be that perpetual victim of life

but that I could learn to create

my best life.

From the archives....

There is only one hero.... and its you:)

Be Your Own Hero  An excerpt..."I can never become what I was meant to be when I am looking for what might have been."

Please sit with me and listen "The key is to tell not to those who are naysayers or those who have all the answers. But to sit with one who can sit with both our anger and our joy."

When the student is ready... The gist of this one..."This is that place where I was the student that was ready - and willing to take the action - and my teacher always came."

In love and admiration for your determination to no longer be a victim, live far beyond survival and discover your own

best life. :)


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Tara said...

I've hit an especially rough spot at the moment... trying to understand why certain things happen again and again and again... not being able to pull my lesson out of it all. So thanks for this inspiring message today.

Susan said...

Hi good to see you and I totally get what you are saying....hang in there; it is well worth the effort to keep coming back to those things that are sticking around as we always see the solution as long as we keep seeking:)

Take care and trust...this is temporary. It DOES get better:)

Patricia Singleton said...

Everything that you just said about healing is what I have also learned from my own healing journey. You say it so well. Thank you for sharing this.

Susan said...

Hi Patricia! This is the thing I've noticed most often - is that those who have found their way have found similar paths. The first being that of changing the focus from the past trauma to learning how to deal with it today in order to create the life we want tomorrow.

Always grateful to see you! Thanks for dropping by!