Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another rant..was it the chicken or the goose?

Over at one of my fav sites, Bipolar Blast aka Beyond Meds I ran across another good article that can really get one thinking. Journalist Robert Whitacre brings up the history of how depression has been treated and asks a very valid question; is the model we have followed for the last generation or two actually causing the issue of chronic mental illness?

Think about it and take a gander at some of my recent archives. I mean - how is it that we were ok one day and then suddenly we aren't and will need lifetime medication and therapy?

Granted - hearing someone that can definitively say "you have an illness that is causing your depression/mania/paranoia/psychosis etc...and here is a pill that will fix it" is a whole lot different than taking the time and effort to learn how to cope with life in a healthier way....and it IS a lot easier and profitable to prescribe costly medications with guaranteed refills for life than to teach me how to express my emotions and go through the emotional healing process...

Ok, ok. I'll get off my soapbox but having lived this it's a bit hard for me to not spout off once in awhile.

So take a gander over at Psychology today and see what Mr. Whitacre has to say.

Another source you might find helpful is an article titled A tale of two boys.

And decide for yourself - did the chicken ("biology" and "genetics") come first or did the goose lay a golden egg....

Now I'll get down from my soapbox :)

Thanks for listening :)

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